Restore Ripple By Secret Key


I have cleaned my old files recently and found a ripple secret file. And the current price much higher than in 2013.

I finally found it back through a bit of work. And now I write it here for someone who has a similar experience with me.

I recalled that I registered an account at WCG (World Community Grid), joined the Ripple Labs Team, and ran BOINC client on my PC, then Ripple Labs sent me XRP depending on the points by the hash rate.

However, in April 2014, Ripple Labs discontinued sending XRP with WCG due to the WCG revamp, difficulty getting points, and combined with uneven distribution and hacking.
Okay, let’s go to the main point. Our goal:

  1. Check how many XRP you have by your ripple secret key.
  2. How to import to your wallet

Generate Ripple address, public & private key

You would have a file which contains content like below when you registered your account at ripple.com:

Secret Account key:

  1. Run code locally (Recommend)
  • node
  • npm install ripple-keypairs
    const r = require("ripple-keypairs")
    const keypair = r.deriveKeypair("shqa2QYiJ1wcizZdV3WeiLeL7L33d") // replace shqa2QYiJ1wcizZdV3WeiLeL7L33d with YOUR SECRET KEY
    const publicAddress = r.deriveAddress(keypair.publicKey)
    console.log('publicAddress: ', publicAddress)
    console.log('keyPair: ', keypair)
  1. Run code in a web browser.
    If you know you hadn’t too much XRP and just want to save time and can tolerate some risk (NOTE: Your secret key might be leaked online). Go repl.it replace your secret key in code and click run, and transfer your balance to a new safe wallet as soon as possible.
    Result like:
    publicAddress: rBHv7wzKgbWFyRvnFRDGAaiRmuQiZGEr4j
    keyPair: {
    privateKey: '007D0FD37D0BDFC9FFF22C4B738F8E0B48D7C05A6F8E42651A3B9153F4B18A644E',
    publicKey: '02C6965ECA0D64FD78114B361380D57289BB25EA2E299FE66381B23BDA5899919A'

Hold or sell your ripple

  1. First, you need to know how much ripple you have:
    You can go to https://bithomp.com/{YourPublicAddress} ( replace{YourPublicAddress} with your pubclicAddress you got at last step.) Here my example link is: https://bithomp.com/rBHv7wzKgbWFyRvnFRDGAaiRmuQiZGEr4j
    Click it and you will get your ripple account information which contains balance and transaction history.
  1. You need to find a wallet to hold it or sell it by transferring it to an exchange to convert to Bitcoin
    After I read the article about ripple wallets recommendation
    I just choose exarpy which is a web wallet to hold XRP.

If you want to transfer your XRP to Bitcoin or other coins just go to Exchange like Binance, Bitfnex


  • You may need to know there are 20 XRP will be reserved for every XRP account due to security considerations.